MedMountain Ventures

Investing in Future Healthcare Innovators

The world needs healthcare innovation, yet most healthcare companies never make it to market. Our niche is finding the best companies and helping them find their way.


We believe that healthcare innovation is a team sport. We field a diverse team, and that helps us be valuable to a diverse set of founders. Our companies are blowing up business as usual in healthcare. We identify promising technologies early in their life cycle and invest much more than capital to help our teams become world-class enterprises.

As Founders

We are physician founded and led. Our team has been in the founder seat and have spent time in operations, development and strategy just like you.

As Physicians

We’ve created deep relationships with a network of strategic partners, service providers, technical experts, and potential hires and investors or whatever you may need. Our network becomes your network and we're not afraid to roll up our sleeves and help.

As Investors

We lead deals and invest early while everyone else is wondering if your company will make it we will commit and do whatever we can to help you feel ready and help make your company thrive.

As Venture Capitalists

We invest in founders. Even with our resources and help we invest in people and ultimately it’s your business to run and we are here to help on your journey however we can.

Our Team: Your Partners

We are a network of physicians, board members, investors, operators and scientists. We have helped transform companies from both sides of the table and we work tirelessly in support of our founders and their companies.

Branden Rosenhan, MD

Managing Partner

Saumitra Thakur, MD, MBA

Managing Partner

Katelin Roberts

General Partner & COO


Boka Sciences

Medical device company utilizing saliva to quickly and accurately diagnose patients suffering from diseases effecting salivary flow

Concha Labs

Customizable from home sound amplification product

Emergency Scientific

An innovative medical device providing solutions for minimally invasive hemorrhage control.


Medical-grade seizure monitoring from the comfort of home

FluidX Medical Technology

Novel embolic device to make vascular occlusion of dangerous vessels easier

Inherent Biosciences

Molecular diagnostics company at the intersection of epigenetics and AI, to revolutionize trial and error medicine


Innovation in catheter technology and accessibility, designed to redirect and stabilize the “U” bend in central venous catheter

Netic Health

Specialized physical therapy for treating running injuries


A Modern re-invention of the staple procedure scalpel

Pocket Naloxone

Over-the-counter naloxone, a drug used to treat opioid overdose


Innovation that enables oral access for better non-invasive ventilation care without interrupting patient therapy.


Python-based open-source library for validating, documenting, and profiling your data.
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